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Lawanalytics - Ukrainian informational and translation project, aiming to make English-backed legal thought more available in Ukraine. To achieve this task we highlight the leading experience of the world legal tradition in the spheres of commercial, business, contract law, with priorities given to:

  • English Common law, namely the effective Law of England and Wales, especially its Contract Law rules, principles and maxims, with relevant historical recourse and emphasizing its important foundations;
  • "Soft" law, Model law, Lex mercatoria, principles, practices, recommendations – a law that does not have the binding force of legal prescriptions, while being an important regulator of international trade, in particular as a means of implementing the "party autonomy";
  • principles of International commercial arbitration as an alternative procedural instrument.

Our project is a private initiative non-affiliated with any public entity or institution. We provide non-official translates to make the documents widely available in Ukrainian for study and professional comparative analysis.

cooperation, supporting activities and communication:

Visit our model pluspage, where you can find detailed information about some manuals and translations made by the project.

Also we perform legal translation into/from Ukrainian for business and scholars, of:

  • contracts, agreements, covenants, other commitments and accompanying documentation (international sale, lease, services, construction works, etc.)
  • commercial law statutes, regulations, directions, soft law, analytical and educational documents.

In matters concerning cooperation, distribution or otherwise feel free to
contact us by e-mail: [email protected]


You can support the project through Buy Me A Coffee or bank transfer using the details:

Account (First Ukrainian International Bank) USD/EUR/UAH:
Mastercard (UAH):
5355 2802 0142 3587

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