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Ukrainian Legal Translation Services for Business and Scholars heading

English (EN) Ukrainian (UKR)
our contact:
[email protected]

Translation of business contracts and accompanying documentation

We provide:

  • Legal translation of contracts, agreements, covenants, other commitments for*:
    • sale of goods;
    • construction works;
    • lease of commercial and warehouse real estate;
    • services provision;
    and others

    * including those drawn up:

    • using standard forms of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International Trade Center (ITC), International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC);
    • under the Common Law (England and Wales, USA);
    • under international trade conventions (CISG), or 'Soft' Law instruments (UPICC, PECL).
  • Translation of documents accompanying the negotiations (memorandum, letter of intent, comfort letter etc.);

  • Translation of representative documents, agent agreements, corporative powers entrustment etc.;

  • Translation of analytical and due diligence materials, translation of business letters and correspondence, translation of corporate rules;

  • Translation of arbitration agreements and clauses, arbitral tribunal awards.

Translation of commercial law statutes, regulations, directions, soft law, analytical and educational documents

With the view of the cooperation with educational institutions and professional communities we provide:

  • Legal translation of legislation, statutes, state normative acts and regulations concerned with the business, commercial, trade or contract law of both Common and Civil Law origin

  • Legal translation of international conventions, documents of professional communities and organizations, soft law instruments, expert legal opinions or recommendations

  • Court decisions, rules of procedure and practices translation

  • Legal translation of arbitration practice directions, conventions, arbitration rules and regulations of arbitration institutions, directions of "ad hoc" arbitral tribunals

  • Translation of scholar or educational materials, articles, online publications.

Lawanalytics is taking approach specifically used for legal translation with translation has been provided by experienced lawyer obtained linguist skill rather than by experienced linguist in general, who lacks legal background. We have extensive legal practice and knowledge to be able to come to the point of any contract provision, legal context or matter, whether it would be based on the Common Law or Civil Law system. Our engagement is to turn translation made by the native speaker of Ukrainian into reliable and effective ground for understanding between Ukrainian entity and its foreign partner. The translation is carried out with the understanding and consideration of consistent legal terminology, glossary support, and the use of comparative analysis of legal terms of the involved legal systems.

Legal translation nuances

Legal translation is the type of specialized translation which requires intense knowledge of the specifics of jurisprudence. To perform a high-quality translation, a specialist translator must be familiar with the legal categories, terminology, and theoretical foundations of the field of law the document relates to. Mostly, to get the comprehensive understanding of the textual context and implied legal prerequisites requires sufficient practical skills and experience in the relevant legal field, like contract drafting, as well as knowledge of both source and target legal system grounds for the document involved, with the proper insight into commercial transaction essence. Obviously, for the legal translation to provide it is not enough to be a linguist of a general profile, since jurisprudence has its own 'language' - the legal meaning of words or terms does not coincides with their ordinary or literary meaning.

It is extremely important for legal translation to maintain consistency and uniformity in the use of language constructions, especially for the legal translation of contracts. This type of translation involves the creation of a basis for future partnership and understanding between the parties, and therefore it is of the essence to clearly define the linguistic and contextual equivalents of the provisions of the contract, with the terminology being used correctly and uniformly, according to common and generally accepted construction practice. Our main advantage is the appreciation of both Ukrainian and English-backed legal thought, with residing in Ukrainian law framework. We are conscious of the standard and widely used English Common Law doctrines and rules of the contract law, and understand the meaning of those terms for which there are no equivalents in Ukrainian law at all, or whose literary translation does not reveal their precise legal meaning, for example 'consideration', 'implied term', 'condition', 'warranty', 'void', 'voidable', 'privity'. Such constructions we interpret according to common practice if it exists or to reasonable construction rules otherwise, with an awareness of it objective meaning in English Law and preserving the legal context.

We have both intensive practical experience of contract drafting under the law of Ukraine (with international commercial transactions supporting cases), and also the experience of English-backed law sources proccessing, in particular those of the English Common law origin. Another our advantage is the performance of specialized legal translation, namely business law translation, where we are familiar with the subject and context of the documents to be translated. We will be glad to help with legal translation of any complexity in business, commercial, trade or contract law spheres. Send us a text sample for translation and your guidelines, and we will form the offer with agreed cost and performance terms.

Examples of legal translations of contracts made by our Lawanalytics project:

International Sales Contract

Commercial Lease Contract

We will provide a professional and specialized legal translation of the sale contract, legal translation of the lease contract, legal translation of the construction contract, legal translation of the services provision contract, as well as other contracts, agreements or commitments, meaningful legal translation of law statutes, regulations and educational materials, for the languages pair English - Ukrainian, in compliance with all standards and reasonable requirements for professional translation, as well as in compliance with the context and meaning of the legal document as provided by the legal system under which it issued.

dictionary (illustrative):


- 1. менш суттєве положення контракту, на противагу до Condition. Порушення Warranty не дає потерпілій стороні права на відмову від контракта, оскільки вважається, що порушення не є суттєвим настільки, що зачіпає саме "коріння" контракту. 2. застереження, запевнення, гарантія; положення контракту, в якому сторона чи сторони запевняють одна одну в правдивості пов'язаних із контрактом чи зобов'язанням обставин, що слугує як кваліфікуюча підстава для позову в разі порушень.

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